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Chairman's Message

A Dream Changes The life

It is a sensation that miraculously brings people who dream to life.

Defence is today's generation's only aspiration

The only thought that came to mind was that this has resulted in thousands of students being offered jobs in the defence sector. Defence is not impossible; rather, it is doable. Since the establishment of the Defence Academy in Vijayawada in 2006, I have been training with unwavering dedication for the past 15 years, and I have trained thousands of students to become government employees.

My Telangana is my dream

During the Telangana movement, I established the first academy in Karimnagar with the intention of recruiting Telangana students for the three forces. The accomplishment of 187 government jobs in the first three years of operation is the culmination of our training. My life goal was to serve my country, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to do so; however, my students excelled in national service. I was a key figure in the formation of the various academies that arose as a result of the aftermath.

Dream Defence Academy has currently secured over 1400 government jobs. DDA's team is eager to train you! Visit "Dream Defence Academy" and feel free to pursue a good education.

The country is ours, and we must all work together to protect it.

My goal and dream is to serve my country, which is why I founded the


I'm hoping you'll join me in national service.


Service Excellence

DDA is Dream Defence Academy, as its name indicates that fulfilling the "Dreams of any Individuals". DDA is located in Karimnagar district


Accomplishment of Govt Jobs

92% - Overall

Indian Army Jobs

75% - Overall

Indian Navy Jobs

72% Overall

Indian Air force Jobs


Dream Defence Academy has seen an incredible selection rate in the Defence Services. Since its establishment in 2014, Dream Acdemy has produced over 80 members’ officers & sailors. In fact, one in every four officers of the Indian Armed forces is a Dream Academy.