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DDA will make us to have a look on the multifarious activities, which converts young boys/girls into professional military leaders of character and integrity.

In documenting these activities, the purpose is not to focus mainly on the processes, but also on the philosophy which nourishes them.

DDA is about not only the men who have achieved greatness in peace of war, it is all about the unbeatable spirit of all those, who have been succeeded by its spirit.

And further we ensure that the maintenance and enhances the infrastructure of the academy by providing a suitable training environment for all existing and future requirements, Simultaneously ensuring the heritage of DDA is kept alive and spirited

  • We provide academic training of higher quality, in order to make the students with appropriate qualifications.
  • Emphasize on personality development of students by including a sense of Discipline, Honour and Integrity.
  • We have experinced faculty on every subject.
  • We concentrate on each and every student. If any student is lacking, we pay more attention towards them.
  • We provide friendly environment culture, So that every student can feel free to ask their doubts regarding subjects and all.
  • We mainly concentrate on physical development of the candidates by giving nutritious diet.